Peninsula Odd Fellows

Peninsula Odd Fellows Lodge, 4834 N. Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203.  
Become a member, take a class, enjoy a festival, Keep Portland Odd
Serving North Portland since 1895
Package Deal, Degree + Odd Ball only $45
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Saturday, April 25, Muscovite Degree. $25              
No charge if you have already taken the degree.
Take a giant leap back in time by taking the historic Muscovite Fun Degree! The Muscovite Degree is an interactive comedy that confers on the audience lifetime membership in a secret society that does not exist. There are no meetings or dues, just fezzes and fun. Once a Muscovite, always a Muscovite. Degree starts promptly at 12 noon Pacific Kremlin Time!
Saturday, April 25, The 2020 Odd Ball. $40
Attend the grandest, most elaborate, most entertaining charity event in all the seven kingdoms! Singers, dancers, and master brewers all compete to earn your tips. The contestant in each category that raises the most money for charity wins a plaque declaring them to be Best in the Universe, as judged by you, the 2020 Odd Balls! Admission includes two full hours of entertainment and an all you can eat feast fit for a Czar! 
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2020 Muscovite Degree and Odd Ball