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Peninsula Odd Fellows Lodge, 4834 N. Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203.  
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Serving North Portland since 1895
Summer Camps 2018
Peaceful Warriors, July 9-13, 12pm-3pm. Peaceful Warriors is designed for students to have fun and build confidence while exploring topics related to self-defense using drama, martial arts, games, writing and other activities. Topics include healthy relationships, self-care, mindfulness, de-escalation and assertive communication street smarts and bullying prevention. The class culminates in a fun demonstration for caregivers and friends. Students of all genders welcome!
Price$160.00 REGISTER HERE
GirlStrength June 11-15, and Aug 20-24, both sessions are 9am-12pm, GirlStrength is a free violence prevention program offered through the Family Services Division of the Portland Police Bureau. GirlStrength is designed to meet the developmental needs of youth ages 10-17. The programs, workshops and classes are inclusive and offered to any youth who identifies as a girl, or whose gender expression is female, fluid or non conforming. REGISTER HERE
Aikido Camp July 16-20, July 23-27, July 30-Aug 3, Aug 6-10 all sessions are 10 am-2 pm. Aikido Portland's summer camps for children ages 5-13 is an extremely popular event that sells out every year. Campers learn samurai stories and Japanese myths, play games that incorporate Aikido skills, learn to fall and roll safely, and practice as partners how to perform  throw and pin eachother. Cooperation, confidence, leadership, and respect are at the core of instruction. Price $160 REGISTER HERE
BoyStrength  June 25-29, and August 13-17, both sessions are 9am-12pm. BoyStrength is a free violence prevention program offered through the Family Services Division of the Portland Police Bureau. BoyStrength explores what it means to be a young man in today’s media driven society. To boost knowledge and awareness of equity, diversity, and cultural differences. To support boys capacity to express and regulate emotions. To encourage boys to explore healthier and safer choices to prevent violence. To register, click on the week that you would like your son(s) to attend: June 25-29, or  August 13-17.